Tho I Am But Small
I Will Be Heard Among You All


Photographs of the live bell ringing event

Images of Andrew Dodds bell ringing event in Kent

Images of Andrew Dodds sound event, Sittingbourne Kent

View of Holy Trinity Church during performance


Visitors gathered on the lower floor of Holy Trinity Bell Tower where historical and contemporary pamphlets and books were on display. Small groups of people were taken on tours of the tower including the ringing chamber and belfry.

At 8pm the audience gathered in the church grounds to listen to the call-and-response between Holy Trinity and Bobbing bell towers. A pamphlet, printed in the style of a church leaflet, was available, giving information on the ringing methods and strategies used by the Change Ringers during the performance. These included solo Tenor, a range of Methods, concluding with the ringing down of the bells.